Spark a Conversation

SPARKIFYTM is the FREE “pre-social” networking app for you to select common interests (sparks) from twenty diverse categories, and then search to find matches in close geographic proximity in order to “spark” a conversation. The conversation can be in person or through the chat function.

SPARKIFYTM is not geared specifically to dating, business, or social. Of course, anything is possible after you meet someone, but that is up to you. You have your initial icebreakers.

SPARKIFYTM profiles are short and professional. The simplicity and selection of “sparks” to screen for matches by common interests that you can change at any time sets SPARKIFY apart from all other social networking apps.

Clean, Simple, and Fun. That’s SPARKIFYTM. Download the FREE App today. Play, enjoy, and please recommend SPARKIFYTM to your friends.

Watch our 90-second video to see SparkifyTM in action